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Transferring Money Overseas

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency specialists Halo Financial are our preferred foreign currency provider and offer not only the most competitive rates in the industry but also a wealth of experience and expertise in the overseas property market coupled with a customer services second to none.

When transferring your money abroad to pay for your overseas property or services ensure that you get the best exchange rate as one or two points either way can make a big difference to the actual price.

Halo Financial have been providing foreign currency services for many overseas property buyers for many years with excellent results.

Check out some of their useful statistics and information below or contact them for more information on how to transfer your money abroad.

Halo Financial - Foreign Currency Specialists Services

Halo Financial

Whether you are buying a home overseas, emigrating or importing a high-value capital good such as a car, boat or aircraft you’ll almost certainly be expected to make the transaction in the local currency. This will involve a transfer perhaps from your UK bank into another currency that will need to be transferred to the vendors account overseas. But this unfortunately isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem.

For instance, currencies fluctuate all the time. If you trade when the exchange rates are in your favour, you get better value and receive more currency for your money. But if there’s a downturn in the exchange rate, you won’t get such good value from your trade and you could end up paying more money than you intended. So how do you spot the right moment to close the deal?

Halo Financial and our expert dealers are friendly, approachable and patient. We’ll help you choose the best time to trade and the best way of moving your money around. We’re good at explaining things because we understand the needs of people who’re unfamiliar with the complexities of the world’s financial markets. As a result we can help you stand back and take stock of your priorities. We’ll explain your options and help you explore the possibilities without blinding you with science. Whatever your plans may entail, we’ll encourage you to look at the monetary aspects with fresh eyes whilst we will work hard to get the very best exchange rate for you.

Key features and benefits of working with Halo Financial

You will benefit from:

  • * Better than bank exchange rates
  • * No commission charges
  • * FREE telegraphic transfers**
  • * 24-hour monitoring of exchange rates
  • * Fast domestic or international payments
  • * A personal, dedicated currency dealer
  • * A concise but incisive plain English daily report on the currency(s) that affect you
  • * Your dealer proactively calling you with relevant currency news
  • * Simple, jargon free explanations of market terminology and options available to you
  • * An industry leading service delivered in a prompt, professional and courteous manner
  • * Highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • * Peace of mind

** Subject to Terms & Conditions

We are committed to:

  • * Taking time to understand your personal needs
  • * Explaining the process of buying or selling currency
  • * Outlining the benefits of using Halo Financial
  • * Providing appropriate strategies to improve your currency transaction
  • * Explaining the best way to pay for your contract
  • * Transferring your funds swiftly and cost effectively
  • * Liaising with your counter-party e.g. your estate agent, lawyer or IFA
  • * Confirming your payment with any nominated third party
  • * Adding value and exceeding your expectations

A better way, the Halo Financial way

By making the effort to understand your specific circumstances, we’ll be able to bring together exactly the right balance of technical expertise and practical experience that meets your business or personal needs. This amalgamation of professionalism, access to the right resources and the dynamism of our team makes all our services stand out from the competition. But we don’t make unsubstantiated claims of being the biggest or the best. We know we have to earn your trust by achievements and by delivering the results that matter. That’s why we build long-term relationships with our clients that are founded on values such as openness, accountability and trust. That's a great deal more than just getting you a good exchange rate.

For more information about our specific private client services please use the navigation bar.

Contact us to open a trading facility with us now, need an instant exchange rate quote or are interested in a more detailed study of your currency performance and payment solution.  Alternatively phone one of our team on +44 (0)20 7350 5474, send us an email or if you would like us to call you back when it is more convenient please use the Call me back facility.

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