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Overseas property in Santorini

In today's economic climate you may think that buying an overseas property or holiday home is a privilege reserved only for the well off. Then you'd be wrong!

There has never been a better time to consider buying property abroad as the pound strengthens and economies weaken your £ is stretching further when it comes to buying abroad. Overseas property owners and banks are locked in a quandry, needing to sell their properties to relinquish either debts or satisfy austerity measures.

This has led to an increase in cheap properties flooding the markets of many overseas property hotspots abroad including France, America and especially Spain where there are over £30bn worth of real estate assets dumped in the new 'Bad Bank'.

Buying an Overseas Property or Holiday Home Abroad

With the abundance of properties available to the buyer in a position to move quickly, now has got to be the best time to secure your holiday or permanent home abroad. The discounts available both from banks and private sellers alike make the possibilities of acquiring a cheap property abroad endless especially so if the buyer does not require a mortgage or other home loan.

Using our property search on the homepage take a look at some of the bargain properties available from countless countries around the world, from cheap villas in Florida, to repossessed properties in Spain and everything in between.

We are sure that you will find something to make the hairs on your neck stand up and ask - "is that really the price".

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