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Property Description

A unique location front line to the Playa Serena golf course and a few metres from the Roquetas de Mar beach. The complex comprises 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses, many with views

The complex offers top-grade building specs with luxury extras included, like video intercom and air conditioning/heating. There are beautifully laid out communal gardens, large swimming pools, with a paddling pool for children, an onsite concierge, a social club exclusively for residents and satellite + cable TV availability.

Located in Almeria, one of the most established coastal resorts in Spain. A few minutes drive to the main road and the motorway allowing easy access to beautiful cities like Almeria, Granada and Andalucia. 2 hours from Granada and its ski resorts making it a great location if you want to enjoy beach, golf and ski! Set in the centre of the town, Roquetas de Mar, there is good opportunity for renting too.

2 bed apt 157,541GBP 3 bed apt 248,465GBP

Roquetas de Mar (Costa del Almeria)
Roquetas de Mar was an establishment for Neolithic cultures; its coasts were visited by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans although none were permanent until the eighteenth century. As all Muslim settlements, it has its Castle for defence on the sea border line: The Castle of Las Roquetas or Santa Ana.

Roquetas was an ancient fishing village, the land was dependant upon the rain and was a land whose economy was based on its agriculture and small volume of fishing. Between Roquetas and Aguadulce they used to cultivate vineyards in a location known as the "Parrales"

The first greenhouse was constructed here, which was so innovative and successful that it developed hugely in the rest of the region and made the province of Almeria famous for this new technique of cultivation.

Agriculture has always been its main source of wealth with much variety of produce. In 1964 tourism began to hit its shores and Roquetas de Mar has been named "The Centre of National Tourist Interest". It has three main developed areas; Roquetas and Playa Serena with the third in Las Salinas and Serena Sur (still under construction). This locality is the second most important within the province of Almeria and is expected to boom with great expectations of growth particularly where tourism is concerned.

Excursions, places of interest:

Cabo de Gata: Natural Park that extends the length of Almeria, Nijar and Carboneras.The itinerary takes you through all its natural beauties which include: Monsul, El Pozo de los Frailes, la Isleta de Moro, Rodalquilar, Las Negras and Aguamarga, all very unique and worth visiting.

San Jose: A bay that lays in between two areas of volcanic stone typical of this area. San Jose is a small fishing port with hardly a few dozen people living there, certainly a haven of rest and of natural beauty with its clear waters and prominent cliffs which border the Sea. A perfect place for fishing or undersea submarine photography; many aquatic sports available also.

Point Entinas-Sabinar: A natural reserve of small lakes that are a refuge to hundreds of sea loving and migratory birds: fochas, flamingos, different species of ducks, royal herons, avocet, sea-gulls and many more. The best season to see a greater quantity of birds is between May and November. The light house offers immeasurable views and if you’re a fishing enthusiast be it cane fishing or undersea fishing, you will have found your paradise, (although precaution must be taken at all times for it is a harsh coastline and dangerous for navigation). There are also large salt lakes that are beautiful for their pink tones, kilometers of virgin beaches that can be enjoyed in complete independence and total tranquility.

The Alpujarras: Small forgotten villages, lost in the middle of the mountains; Castala, Alcolea, Laujar (ancient residency to Moorish Kings) , Paterna, Bayarcal, Fondon, Baires, Almocita, Ohanes, Canjayar, Ragol, Alhama (thermal waters) and back to Almeria through the Sierra of Hemos to Berja crossing through three mountain villages: Enix, Felix and Vicar, to Aguadulce and back to Almeria. Without realizing you will have entered into a completely new and different world with villages and a people completely different to those you will have come across before, a genuine division of peoples and traditions, very unique to this area.

Almeria’s desert: The only desert existent in Europe, Hollywood filmed many of its westerns and biblical themed films in this part of Spain. It is a great scenery for practicing your photography skills. The temperature however is typical to a desert of 45ºC during the day and descending to zero at night, and rain is scarce. The vegetation is typical to desert conditions with interesting creatures (reptiles and amphibians mostly). There’s an ancient castle wall 80 metres high and a church with a beautifully crafted interior. The council building and square are full of character, as are its streets.

The tour takes you through the old western settlements, a tourist attraction (Mini Hollywood, with its legendary ambience of the far west), it has something for all ages with child play, entertainment, shops, photographic studios, dressing-up, horse riding, live music in the saloon, an enacted bank robbery, restaurants and swimming pool and then on to the zoo Reserve: natural spaces of original beauty, again enjoyed by people all ages. Exotic birds and reptiles, a lake with crocodiles and surrounded by felines, plus an infant zoo, not forgetting the bears, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, deer, elephants, camels, gazelles, hippopotamus ...

Sierra Nevada: The greatest protected area in the whole of Andalucia, an exceptional botanical variety due to it’s high and low altitudes, which makes it the most genuine enclave in Spain. The view is spectacular due to its variety and wealthy ecosystem, making it of great geological interest. At the end of the expedition there is a stop at a country estate called the Cortijo de Ubeire, the views that surround the area are marvellous, a great abundancy of trees and its wild animals; mountain goats, squirrels, hares and boars, sparrow hawks and eagles.

The Towns of Almeria and the Quarries of marble (also known as the city of white gold)

Los Millares: The most important archaeological site of European prehistory. Nearly 5000 years of history. A city that housed more than 1000 people, with 15 fortresses and 4 stretches of wall; more than 100 collective tombs; its ceramics show amazing skill and are full of symbolism and portrays a culture very developed in its technical knowledge using copper in the fabrication of its arms and tools.


The traditional fiestas are celebrated practically all year round; as all fiestas in Almeria they are enjoyed during the day into late hours of the night. During the day having fun and savouring its succulent gastronomic treats, at night with the night ferias (flamenco and Spanish dancing), concerts and all type of other activities with traditional markets and other entertainment.


Playa de Aguadulce
Playa de la Ventilla
Playa de las Salinas
Playa de la Romanilla
Playa de la Bajadilla
Playa de la Urbanizacion
Playa Serena
Playa de Cerrillos

Appeals to:

The nature/bird lover: Wealth of new and wonderful species to investigate or just admire, certain to take your breath away.
The photographer: With its diverse terrain of flora, fauna, exuberant foliage, volcanic stone, sea, cliffs and desert…a haven of colour.
The film enthusiasts: Mini Hollywood with its fun filled schedules and shows.
The investor: New up and coming tourist resort, developing very quickly, due to its beautiful surroundings and climate of extremes.

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