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These are simple, economic, “no frills” holiday apartments and townhouses, providing the same top quality accommodation to the usual Almanzora Bay standards. They are still constructed to the high standards required of Almanzora Bay Group homes, with double glazing, first quality fittings throughout, an individual roof top solarium and underground parking. Well integrated within the heart of the existing village and less than five minutes walk from the beach, they are very much part of village life. They are perfect as holiday homes.

Villaricos was a real live village in its own right and any new development would need to be special. A sympathetic and attractive traditional building style was designed and vacant sites within the village are being redeveloped with courtyard schemes of low rise townhouses and apartments, grouped around their own gardens and pools. Consolidating the existing street pattern in this manner reinforces the traditional identity of the village, improves values and raises the sense of quality from the outset. Later, the surrounds of the village will be linked together with a series of plazas, some with shops, bars and restaurants, others with both formal and informal gardens and swimming pools, themselves joined by narrow streets and alleys in the old Mediterranean manner.

A new village plaza will be built between El Ancla, El Timon and the existing old market square which will then be repaved and softly lit and landscaped. A link road behind the village will relieve the village centre of traffic and provide parking for the shops, leading down the rambla to the village plazas which will, by then, have pedestrian priority. The existing Maritime Paseo is to be extended along the coast, past the Castillo de Cristal and down to Villaricos' sandy beach. It is hoped to create an arts and craft market in the village plaza to provide an active and fascinating year round focus to the village.

Finally, the outlying hills will see individual fortified hamlets appearing on the peaks above Villaricos. The surrounding valleys will be watered and landscaped to create a dramatic visual backdrop. The real impact of good quality landscape on perceived values may be seen in the companies work at Desert Springs.

Dating from Neolithic times, Villaricos was once a great Phoenician port. Forgotten by history for thousands of years, it resurfaced as a silver mining boom town in the 19th century before finally becoming the pleasant fishing village of today, with a special identity all of it's own.

Every morning early, the men go out to sea to fish, farm the land or to work in local marble quarries. Women take their children to school and chat. Life has a very traditional rhythm. Every weekend its people meet in the small old village square where, each Sunday, a colourful market thrives.

The real charm of Villaricos lies in its old fashioned simplicity and warmth of spirit and it is this lack of pretension that catches you in the end.

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