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Property Description

Completely restored and renovated 15th century castle is on sale!
The Castle is located in the vicinity of Loire river in France and has a total living area of more than 4000 square meters. It offers you 17 bedrooms, 3 spacious halls, sumptuous, well-equipped restaurant of ultramodern design, ambient terraces, bar, library rooms, fire places, adytum, not mentioning the rooms and chimneys located in castle’s towers.

This beautiful accommodation is completely furnished and goes with thoroughly restored 15 hectare park boasting well-attended landscape complex, renovated building of a mini-hotel for 12 persons with separate fire place, 2-storey building of caretakers’ cottage, which is a 5 room house with separate fire place and 2 bathrooms for staff.

On the premises you'll also find laundry, metal and wood workshop, wine cellar and cognac cellar with located nearby bar. Besides, the unique buildings of chapel and open air theatre are situated in the castle's park, which also hosts 8 sitting zones where you can enjoy magnificent views of a river, promenades, etc. The river encompassing castle stretches 400 meters long and reaches 30 meters wide, so you are free to go boating, as everything needed is at your disposal.

Even more, one should mention a thoroughly modern breath-taking pool with adjacent recreation area with total area of 232,75 square meters (24.5 x 9.5 m), professional tennis court, up-to-date 2-storey storage, huge golf coarse, and numberless rosaria, flowerbeds, and greenhouses. There are 2 bridges across the river with their elegant architecture accurately restored, 2 of the coziest park zones are decorated with fountains, and ornamental trees are kept in Roman-style. The forest itself is well-attended but one still feels the wild natural magnitude while rambling.

This stunning accommodation has undergone all necessary modernizations, and currently has video surveillance system, automatic gates and doors, telephone and Internet connections. The river is populated by 7 peacefully co-existing species of fish exclusively imported from Germany, black swans, wild ducks, which live there in the natural conditions. Besides, the castle houses priceless one-and-all exposition, which consists of 1000 pictures of artists from 25 different countries and is devoted to human legs of the 21st century.

At your disposal you'll find lawnmowers, excavators, trailers, 3 lawn-and-garden tractors and all necessary equipment for lawn care, 15 cubic meters of timber of different kinds, up-to-date high-precision woodworking equipment bought and calibrated in 2008-2009. You’ll even have firewood harvested for the next 8-10 years!

The castle is perfectly located in the area that is considered the best territory in France on basis of nature-life standard-prices relationship.
You’ll feel genuine affection in every detail of the castle and its premises, as it was designed with inimitable care. The only reason it is sold is actually that life circumstances tend to change.

The total price is 14 900 000 EUR.

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