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Property Description

The holiday house is situated in the centre of Kubekhaza village, 6 miles away from Szeged town periphery (and 11 miles from the town centre). The area is 9328 square yards large and there is a 3110 square yards large neighbouring empty parcel of land more, which belongs to it as well. The terminal bus station of public transport from Szeged is app. 33 yards far from the entrance of the holiday house.

The village is 15 miles distant from the motorway and 115 miles far from the nearest airport in Budapest.
The realty was rebuilt in 2002. Before, it had belonged to the crossborder guards. Originally, it was meant to be a recreational holiday house for one big family, but during the reconstruction they won a competition and received a financial support, so in this way they developed the property to function as a guest house. Presently, it is equipped with everything needed for a three star hotel.

The holiday house was built especially for family and friends entertainment and enjoyment, with 7 separated fully furnished apartments (two bedrooms, small kitchen and bathroom). In the apartments there is one room with two beds and the other with 14 beds (for the sake of various families).

During the development they improved the property and perfected it with a big tent for social events and parties for up to 350 people, two conference rooms for 50 persons each and a restaurant for 44 people. And you can find a lot of leisure facilities for entertainment and relax there as following: children playground, fishpond, sauna for 12 people, solarium and beautiful park (that can even compete with botanical garden) with a plenty of flowers, a small lake with goldfishes, waterfall and romantic small bridges and on the yard there are very moody small wooden buildings and garden furniture. At nights the walk paths are lighted by good atmosphere making lights.

They use this place for renting for various purposes, e.g. wedding receptions, conferences, personality development workshops, celebrations, parties, family, friends, classmates meetings, etc. or last time in 2006 and 2007 they were letting the entire property by a tenant, who kept it in operation and maintenance. In the Szeged, there is the only one hall for the wedding ceremonies, therefore those, who want to have an open air wedding ceremony, use to come here to get married.

In the holiday house surroundings there are plenty of attractions like beautiful places of the nature as well as the cultural places. In few miles, there can be found thermal spas, zoo, hunting places, museums, sports facilities serving as spots for world competitions and many more. It is possible to rent a car, bicycles, horses or just take a journey by a carriage or ride a horse in the nature, too. Nearby the holiday house theres the border with Romania and Serbia, so it is an ideal accommodation place for the people, who start their oneday trips from here.

The selling price of the holiday house is 1 million Euros. The buyer has to pay the charge for taking possession of the property 10 per cent more and the another 1 per cent lawyers expense for making out the sales contract. The purchase price 1 million Euros is a gross price including VAT. Within the price are included: all the equipment needed for operation and maintenance of the holiday house as a guest house (everything from bed linen through furniture to TVs, from spoons to cookers, from whiteboards and markers through computers and sound system to projector...)

The holiday house is in ownership of Ltd. The Ltd. has one owner with 100 per cent possession. If the purchaser takes over the Ltd. (together with the holiday house) according to possibilities of the legal laws, then the seller will decrease the price with the same amount as the VAT is, with 16,67 per cent and it is possible, that after a further negotiation the seller is able to give another discount. In this way it is possible to save even 300 thousands Euros.

Price in €1,000,000
Bedrooms : 7
Swimming Pool : not yet
Heating : central
Website :
Furnished : yes.

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