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Item ID: 387Price: 18 000 €Land: 2 500 sq. m.Location: Bulgaria, near Dulgopol & VarnaDescription: 100 % FREEHOLD!A very nice village 65 km south of Varna and 30 kms from the coast. It has Municipal offices, medical services, school, Church, post office and selection of shops. The village sits in open countryside with extensive veiws to the surrounding hills. One of the largest dams in Bulgaria - Tsonevo Dam Lake, situated just 2 kilometres away of the village.The property is two-storey, brick build and in very good condition. The first floor comprises of a kitchen with dinning room, bathroom and a cellar. The second floor offers two bedrooms and a living room. There is a terrace offering stunning views at the surroundings. The house is connected to electricity and water mains; Internet, cable TV and land line telephone could be easily installed.The yard spreads over 2500 sq. m. of land and it is big enough for adding a swimming pool, which will add much more charm and value to the property. There are different fruit-trees in the yard, vineyard, and lots of space for growing any fruit or vegetables.There is additional brick build farm building near the house with a gate for a garage. The barn could be easily converted into additional living area, playrooms or anything else. The property is accessible via asphalt road in very good condition and it is accessible trough all seasons.Being close to the biggest natural Dam Lake in Bulgaria, the area is suitable for fishing, sun-bedding, swimming, arranging picnics and many more. There are lots of archeological sights, nearby the village.The Village:The village is situated in Dulgopol muncipality (2 km from the town of Dulgopol, 65 km southeast from Varna city) in the beautiful valley of Goliama Kamchiya River. There are excellent earth and climate conditions for development of fruit growing. The village disposes with available agricultural buildings.A huge settlement hill was found in the north part of the village. There are certain clues from dwellings as well as numerous ceramics, tools, etc.There is a dam lake 2 km away from the village – Tsonevo Dam LakeThe church in Sava VillageThe Church in the villageThe Municipality:There are no serious environmental pollutants on the territory of the municipality. The water in the Tsonevo and Eleshnitsa dam lakes conforms to all indicators for drinking water. The Dalgopol area offers alternatives for the development of eco-tourism in all of its types – from family holidays in a cozy traditional village house in the village to specialized tourism – birdwatching, observation and photography of plants and natural landmarks.In the Tsonevo and Eleshnitsa dam lakes the sport fishers enjoy a rich haul of silver carp, carp, river gray mullet, bream, white barbel, bass, rudd, sheatfish. In the forests and fields grow the herbs yarrow, mint, wild box, balm, sumac. Venerable beech and oak forests have been well preserved and kept.Goliama Kamchia river crosses the Municipality from West to East. The water reserves are abundant. The climate and the land are suitable for the development of grain production, vine growing and fruit growing. Cattle, Eastern Balkan pigs, goats and sheep are freely bred at many of the pastures.The stockbreeding is developed mostly in small private farms and is the basic means of livelihood for significant part of the population. The creation of strawberry and raspberry plantations and the growing of essential oil cultures is a good potential direction.Pictures of Dulgopol Municipality Tsonevo Lake 1 Tsonevo Lake 2Tsonevo Lake 4 RocksProtected TerritoriesOn the territory of Dalgopol Municipality there are 5 protected areas, 3 nature monuments and 2 reserves:Sini Vir Tulumova caveSini Vir Nature Monument – located in the grounds of Debelets village. It’s a forest territory of hornbeam, East beech, oak, Frainetto oak. Tulumova Peshtera Protected Area – located at Arkovna peak. Inhabited by bats.The wonderful RocksChudnite Skali Nature Monument – located in the grounds of Asparuhovo village with an area of about 8 ha. Consists of unique rock formations having scientific, cultural and aesthetic value. A second-class road with places convenient for taking pictures leads to the site.Kuza Skoka PregradaKuza Skoka Nature Monument – waterfall located in the land of Lopushna village.Pregrada Protected Area - 4 ha of forest. The trees are in very good condition and are at age between 100 and 150 years.Varbov Dol Reserve – a flat-hilly pre-mountain belt of oak with seed and sucker origin and with preserved forest grass vegetation. Located on an area of 71 hectares in the land of Asparuhovo village.Varbov DolVodenitsiteEco park Vodenitsite – comprises area of 45 ha of natural forests with three tributaries of the Kamchia river, rock crests about 40 metres high, 10 karst caves and rock niches. Rare species of birds nest in the area: Golden Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Long-legged Buzzard, Raven, Somber Tit, etc. Educational activities - summer camps for children take place here. The eco park is established on the initiative of the School for Bulgarian Culture in Sladka Voda village.Kalfata Kozya Reka (Goat River)Kalafata Reserve – comprises venerable mixed deciduous forest of winter oak, oak, Frainetto oak, East beech. Its area is 47 hectares. Located in the grounds of Polyatcite village.Kozya Reka Protected Area – it is located in the picturesque forest near Asparuhovo village, near Tsonevo dam lake.Royak 1 Royak 3Royak Cliffs Protected Area – the cliffs are located in the grounds of Royak village. It is a steep rock crest – nesting habitat of protected bird species (Golden Eagle, Long-legged Buzzard, etc.) Hermit-monk cells from 12th – 13th centuries, cut in the rock crest, are well preserved.The District:Varna Region is located in North-Eastern Bulgaria. It borders the regions of Dobrich, Shumen and Burgas as well as the Black Sea to the east. The region is generally hilly and along the river valleys of Kamchia and Provadiyska, it is plain. The seashore has wide stripes of sand towards which wooded mountain slopes run down in terraces. The coastal line is shaped by the bays of Varna, Kamchia and Sveti Yani as well as the promontories of Galata and Cherni (Black). Interesting places to visit are the dense riparian forests in the river valleys of Kamchia and Batova, Provadia River, the caves near the village of Beloslav, Orlov Kamak Waterfall at Armira River.The unique natural formation of upright stones (Pobitite Kamani) west of Varna occupies an area of 70 sq. m and resembles columns of up to 2 m in diameter driven into earth and rising up from 5 to 7 m from the ground. The area is rich in ground and karst water. There are two firth lakes beside the sea – Varna and Beloslavsko, connected in 1923 by a navigable canal. There is mineral water rich in iodine near Varna and in the valley of Kamchia River. Both industry and agriculture are well developed in Varna Region.The Ruse–Varna railway line, the oldest one in Bulgaria, passes through this area linking the Black Sea and Danube region. The resort complexes of St. Constantine, Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasatzi), Riviera, Sunny Day (Slanchev Den), Kamchia, pearled along the coastal line, are wonderful places for rest. This region also offers conditions for cultural, balneological and eco tourism.The cultural history of the region is millennium old. The oldest vestages of life – pole dwellings from the chalcolythic and bronze age – have been discovered near the Beloslavsko Lake. Dark Hole (Temnata Dupka) Cave on its bank also preserves traces of a prehistoric life. Remains of ancient settlements, structures, necropolises, castles are found at many places in the region.The cultural monuments are evidence of the well-developed civilization in this area. A gold treasure was found in 1972 during archeological excavations of the chalcolythic necropolis at Varna. The treasure dates from 32–30th c. BC and is believed to be the oldest golden works of art. The largest Roman thermae (baths) that have been found so far in Bulgaria are those in Varna. Good evidence of the medieval culture in the region are the gold treasure from the beginning of the 6th c. found in 1961, Aladzha Rock Monastery, etc. Some architectural monuments of the National Revival period are preserved too.Excellent Investment!The property is:- 1 mile away from the Municipality Center - the town of Dulgopol;- 1 miles from the biggest Dam Lake - Tsonevo;- 11 miles from the town of Provadia;- 21 miles from the town of Devnya;- 25 miles from Shkorpilovtsi Sea Resort and the seacoast;- 31 miles from Byala (Varna) Beach Resort;- 37 miles from Obzor Sea Resort and the seacoast;- 40 miles from Varna City and the Seacoast;- 57 miles from Burgas city;- 105 miles from Ruse City and the border with Romania;-111 miles from Veliko Tarnovo City;- 206 miles from Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria.DO NOT MISS OUT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

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