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Item ID: J590Price: 9 500 €Land: 2200 sq. m.Location: Bulgaria, near Tutrakan and Danube River100 % FREEHOLD!Property situated in a picturesque village near the town of Tutrakan, Silistra Region. The village offers all basic amenities such as food shops, local pub, post office, bus services, etc. The nearest big shopping centres are in the town of Tutrakan, which is at 14 km away. Local activities include fishing (Danube River is at 14 km), horse/donkey riding, biking, etc.The property comes with big plot of 2200 sq. m. of land, well levelled and fenced all around it. The house is single storied and offers three bedrooms, corridor, shower room and a cellar. The views from the property and the whole plot are spectacular, looking at the surrounding fields and forests.Electricity and water are connected to mains; land line telephone is also available. Internet and digital television could be easily installed. The nearest airports are the ones in Bucharest, Romania, and Varna International Airport.The yard (2200 sq. m.) is well levelled and could be used for anything – a swimming pool could be added and still there will be enough space for growing different fruits and vegetables. Being in a village, and having such a big plot of land, the property could be used as a farm house too.The MunicipalityTutrakan municipality is part of Silistra district. It covers an area of 440 sq. m located in the north-eastern part of the Danube plain. It includes the municipal centre town of Tutrakan and 15 villages: Antimovo, Belitsa, Brenitsa, Varnentsi, Dunavets, Nova Cherna, Pozharevo, Preslavtsi, Staro Selo, Syanovo, Turnovtsi, Tsar Samouil, Tsarev Dol and Shoumentsi.According to the climatic division of Bulgaria the lowland of Tutrakan region belongs to the temperate continental climatic region.The DistrictSilistra Region is situated in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, on the bank of the Danube River. It is bounded by the regions of Ruse, Razgrad, Shumen and Dobrich. It also borders on Romania by land and by the Danube River. The territory of the region includes parts of the hilly Danube Plain, Dobrudzha and Ludogorie lowlands.The relief is predominantly plain. Rivers, which flow through the region, are small and they often run dry in summer. The Danube River is a natural waterway connecting Silistra with Central and Eastern Europe.The economic and cultural development of the region has been heavily influenced by the Romanian occupation of South Dobrudzha. After the Balkan War of 1913 the town of Silistra has been taken in Romanian possession and was regained by Bulgaria in 1940.The landscape is agricultural; grain and technical crops are generally grown. Conditions related to natural climate and soil in the region are extremely conducive to developing modern farming. There are no century-old forests and the scenery is varied by forest shelterbelts.Natural and historical realities of the region enable the development of cognitive, cultural, ecological, rural and hunting tourism. The most interesting natural site in the region is Lake Srebarna. It is located in the south-western part of the plain and is part of the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve, included in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. Several islands have been formed in the Danube, some of which are suitable for recreational and tourist purposes. The Karakuz natural game preserve provides opportunities for hunting tourism and the nature reserves of Malak Preslavets (a lake with water-lilies) and Srebarna are convenient places for ecotourism.There are numerous archaeological objects and artefacts throughout the region – Thracian mounds, remnants of fortresses, the unique Silistra sepulchre. Due to the strategic location of the region, fortresses have been built there until the 19th century. Houses and churches from the National Revival period have been preserved and the fishermen’s neighbourhood (Ribarskata mahala) in Tutrakan is the only architectural complex of this kind in Bulgaria.Amongst the historical landmarks in Silistra district are also:- Kyuchuk Kainardzha drinking fountain (Kyuchukkainardzhiiska cheshma) in the village of Kainardzha, where a peace treaty between Russia and Turkey was signed in 1774;- Military Tomb Memorial Complex near the village of Shumentsi, in memory of those who died in 1916 for the liberation of Dobrudzha.The property is:- 8 mile away from the town of Tutrakan and Danube River;- 13 miles from the town of Glavinitsa;- 18 miles from the town of Kubrat;- 23 miles from the town of Isperih- 29 miles from Srebarna Biosphere Reserve ;- 39 miles from the town of Silistra;- 39 miles from the town of Razgrad;- 44 miles from Ruse City and the border with Romania;- 62 miles from the town of Shumen;- 80 miles from the town of Dobrich;- 99 miles from Varna and the seacoast;-233 miles from Sofia - The Capital of Bulgaria.Great investment! Do not miss out!

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