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Item ID: 846Price: € 4 200Land: 1100 sq. m.Location: Veliko Tarnovo, near Svishtov100 % FREEHOLD!Property situated in the village of Aleksandrovo, Svishtov Municipality, Veliko Tarnovo Region. The village is located in North-Central Bulgaria, 27 km from the Danube River (and the Bulgarian- Romanian border), 65 km from the City of Pleven, 62 km from Veliko Tarnovo and 220 km from the capital - Sofia. The nearest Airport is in Bucharest, which is about 150 km away.The property is located at the end of the village, and comprises of a nice rectangular plot of land on which is located single-storied house with attached to it additional living area, a farm-building and a draw-well.The house is in overall good condition and offers three bedrooms, corridor and a closet. The closet could be converted into inner bathroom with toilet, which would bring more comfort of living. Attached to the house is the so called “summer kitchen”, which as the name says has a kitchen and one more room, currently a bedroom. There is an attic space above the main house, which could be either used as storage or converted into additional living area. The house also offers a cellar, which has a constant air temperature all year round and suitable for wine and preserves storing.The property comes with 1100 sq. m. of land suitable for almost anything – e.g. a beautiful flower-garden could be arranged; fruit trees could be planted; different vegetables could be cultivated. A swimming pool could be added too, which would bring even more value and charm to the property. The draw-well in the yard is another beneficial feature that the property has. The water from the well is drinkable and could be used for multiple purposes such as watering the garden, filling-up a swimming pool, or as an alternative water supply for the house. There is an outbuilding in the yard, which could be used for farm purposes, storage, workshop, BBQ area, etc. The estate is accessible through all seasons via a tarmac road.Water and electricity are connected to mains, there are water taps inside the house and outside in the yard. Internet and Digital TV could be easily connected. The house is in good condition, but would need certain renovation and modernization works as it has been uninhabited for some time. The village:The village of Aleksandrovo is located in Central North Bulgaria, five kilometers away from the International road I 3 and 35 kilometers from Svishtov and the Danube River. Quiet and peaceful, with population of about 300 people, it spreads between the folds of the Danube Plain. The soil is extremely generous which is why most of the local people work in the agriculture.Aleksandrovo was named after the Russian Emperor Alexander II, also known in Bulgaria as „the Liberator“, as he had led Russia in the famous Russian-Ottoman War, which he won. The Emperor's first General Headquarters after crossing the Danube River over had been two kilometers away, in the neighbor village of Gorna Studena. Nowadays there is a beautiful authentic war museum, to remind of the battles from this war.The village has very communicative position as it is close to the International Road. Nevertheless it is cozy, quiet and charming. All the basic utilities like Post- Office, shops, cafes, pubs, etc. are provided.The MunicipalitySvishtov Municipality is situated in the northernmost part of Veliko Tarnovo District and borders through the Danube River on the Republic of Romania and the following municipalities: Polski Trambesh in Veliko Turnovo District, Tsenovo in Russe District, and Levski in Pleven District.This is where the southernmost point of the Danube River (43° H 37` northern latitude), is located, which means it is the shortest way from the Danube through Stara Planina and the valley of Maritsa River, to the Aegean Sea.Svishtov is one of the leading industrial and agricultural centers in Veliko Tarnovo District. Svishtov municipality is developing a mixed type of economy.On the territory of Municipality of Svishtov there are presently 120 official archaeological, art, and architectural monuments of culture of local and national significanceThe DistrictThe village is part of Veliko Tarnovo district – it is in the middle of the northern part of Bulgaria. Its capital city, Veliko Tarnovo, is of historical significance as it is known as the capital of Medieval Bulgaria.Other towns in the province include Gorna Oryahovitsa, which is within 10 kilometres of Veliko Tarnovo; Svishtov - set on Danube River and famous for its Tsenov Academy of Economics; and Suhindol - the hometown of Lovico — an internationally recognised label for fine wines and spirits.Another notable place is the village of Arbanasi, set between Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa. The combination of old style and modern architecture, as well as its churches and monasteries, present the spirit of Bulgaria.Real estate in the Region is among the most expensive in the country.The property is:- 17 miles away from the town of Levski;- 16 miles from the town of Svishtov;- 16 miles from the town of Pavlikeni;- 16 miles from the town of Polski Trambesh;- 21 miles from the town of Byala;- 40 miles from the town of Veliko Tarnovo;- 41 miles from the town of Pleven;- 45 miles from the town of Lovech;- 54 miles from Ruse City and the border with Romania;- 143 miles from Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria;- 147 miles from Varna Airport and the seacoast.

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