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Item ID: 869Price: € 9 000Land: 2100 sq. m.Location: Vratsa, near Vratsa100 % FREEHOLD!Property situated in the village of Varbitsa, which is part of Vratsa Municipality, Vratsa Region. It is located in North-West Bulgaria, at the foot of The Balkan Mountain, and provides gorgeous views at the surroundings. The district’s center – the town of Vratsa is 32 km west from the village; the nearest airport is 124 km south in Sofia. Other major points not far from Varbitsa are the town of Oryahovo, with a regular ferry-line to Romania - 67 km north, and the historical town of Pleven - 77 km east. The property is located at the outskirts of the village, providing privacy and gorgeous views. The estate comprises of a rectangular plot of 2100 sq. m. of land on which are located a two-storied house, an older house currently used for farm purposes and a drive-way.The house is brick-built and in overall very good condition. The first floor offers three rooms and a corridor. The second floor has the same layout as the first floor and offers another three bedrooms connected through a corridor. In addition there is a big veranda in front of the second floor, providing stunning views to the village and the surroundings. The total built up area of the house is 144 sq. m. (72 sq. m. on each floor).The property comes with a large plot of land which could be used for multiple purposes - farming, gardening and basically growing any type of plants. The space is big enough for adding a swimming pool, which could bring much more charm and value to the estate.At the far end of the yard is located the older house, currently used for agricultural purposes. It could continue being used for that purpose or it could be transformed into something else such as storage, BBQ area, workshops or anything else.The estate is accessible all year round and provides a long driveway leading to parking area in the yard. Water and electricity are connected to mains; digital TV and Internet could be also connected. The house is in very good condition, but would need some modernization works for a higher standard of living.The village:The village of Varbitsa is small and quiet, located in the hilly area at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, east of Vratsa. Varbitsa offers all the basic amenities such as Post office, shops, pubs, cafes, etc. Regular bus transport to the surrounding towns and villages is also available. The village is surrounded by woods, which is an excellent condition for hunting.The MunicipalityVratsa Municipality is located in the north-west of Bulgaria at the foot of Vratsa Mountain. It is the 16th largest municipality in Bulgaria in terms of territory and is 110 km away from Sofia. The city of Vratsa has well developed infrastructure and communications system. Important railway and road routes of national and international importance cross the territory of the municipality. The city of Vratsa is the junction where two of the largest European transport corridors meet - corridor No. 4 and No. 7. The geographical location of the municipality will become even more important when the second Bulgarian bridge over the Danube is built at Vidin.Vratsa Municipality has the largest number of industrial enterprises in North-West Bulgaria. There is a modern developed commercial network.With its location, Vratsa (in foots of Vratsa Mountain Natural Park) and Ledenika Cave (16 km west of Vratsa) attract climbers and tourists from Bulgaria and abroad and offer excellent conditions for ecotourism, climbing, winter sports, spelunking. There are some villages in Vratsa municipality suitable for rural tourism as villages of Chelopek, Pavolche and Zgorigrad.The DistrictVratza Region is situated in the eastern part of Northwestern Bulgaria. It is bounded by the regions of Montana, Lovech, Pleven and Sofia. To the north it borders the Danube, hence Romania. The territory of the region covers part of the Danube plain and parts of the Balkan Mountains. The Ogosta, Skat and Iskar Rivers cross the region.The international highway Central Europe–Krajowa–Vidin–Sofia–Kulata–Thessalonica passes through Vratza Region too. The Iskar gorge connects the region to the lands situated south to the Balkan Mountains. The first nuclear power plant on the Balkans was built on the bank of the Danube, in the town of Kozloduy.With its diverse, unique and beautiful nature Vratza Region offers great opportunities for tourism – amateur, ecological, rural, hunting, cave tourism and alpinism. Among the protected areas are the Vratza Balkan Nature Park, Vratza Karst Reserve, Ledenika Cave, Skaklya waterfall, Vratzata gorge of the Leva River, Bozhi Most (God’s bridge), a cliff bridge near the village of Lilyache, Ritlite cliff formations near Lyutibrod village, the 15 venerable oaks called Kitkata near Byala Slatina, Vola (Kamata) – the place where Hristo Botev found his death.There are a lot of archeological and historic monuments in the region. Of particular value are treasures masterpieces of Thracian art. Vratza treasure of the 4th century BC was discovered on the Mogilan hill in Vratza. Near the village of Rogozen in 1986 a treasure dated back to the 4th-5th centuries BC was uncovered, which belonged to a Thracian notable family – the biggest treasure ever found. In includes 165 items made of massive silver with gilt. On the Borovan hill there are remains of an ancient Thracian fortress. The monasteries offer unique environment of peace and serenity – the Cherepish Monastery, Strupesh Monastery, the Monastery of Archangel Michael near the village of Dolna Beshovitsa, etc. Botev’s Path memorial complex is another unique site. It is a 120 km long path starting from the legendary Radetzky steamboat to the place where Botev, Bulgaria’s poet and revolutionist, found his heroic death.The property is:- 15 miles away from the town of Cherven Bryag;- 16 miles from the town of Mezdra;- 16 miles from the town of Roman;- 17 miles from the town of Byala Slatina;- 19 miles from the town of Vratsa;- 24 miles from the town of Kneja;- 37 miles from the town of Iablanitsa;- 38 miles from the town of Botevgrad;- 41 miles from the town of Oryahovo and the border with Romania;- 41 miles from the town of Dolni Dabnik;- 41 miles from the town of Pleven;- 77 miles from Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria;- 80 miles from the town of Dragoman;- 143 miles from Ruse City and the border with Romania;- 237 miles from Varna Airport and the seacoast.

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