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Item ID: IBG154Price: € 40 000Land: 2200 sq. m.Location: Varna, near Aksakovo100 % FREEHOLD!The property is situated in a peaceful village in Aksakovo Municipality, Varna Region. The distance to Varna and its International Airport is 30 km and to the Municipality’s centre – the town of Aksakovo – 25km. all the basic amenities such as food shops, hardware store, local pub, post office and bus services are available in the village.The property offers a beautifully refurbished house ready to move-in, BBQ area, parking lot and a large plot of 2200 sq. m of land. The house consists of an entrance hall, two rooms, kitchen area, shower room and a small veranda. There is a basement on the ground floor, which could be converted into an authentic living room. The total living area is 70 sq. m. The house is finished to a very good living standard with double glazed PVC windows, wooden laminated and ceramic tiled floorings, plaster-boards on the walls, new roof and fully equipped shower-room.The proximity to Varna International Airport, the seacoast and two fishing lakes makes the property excellent for second-home-buyers!Electricity and water are connected to mains; internet and digital television could be also connected. The average cost for high speed internet with unlimited traffic and digital television with more than 70 TV channels (most of them in English) is about 18 EUR per month.The MunicipalityAksakovo municipality is located in the northeast of Bulgaria and consists of 23 villages with a total area of 472 It is positioned in the eastern part of the Danube Plain, which renders the area its characteristic ourlook of hills and plateaus. The main part of the territory is occupied by the Dobrudja and Frangensko plateaus, which reach over 200 m above the sea level.The large territory of Aksakovo municipality, its various relief forms, as well as the difference in its remoteness from the sea presuppose the big differences in its climate, which is temperate-continental in the area of the plateaus. The climate is favourable for development of agriculture, especially for growing crops, vineyards, apricot-trees, etc. Aksakovo municipality is situated close to the town of Varna that has a key position in the trans-European nets and systems.The rural character of the region could be a good basis for development of alternative rural, natural or ecological tourism. The Krumovo, Zasmyano, Liuben Karavelovo, Botevo and Osenovo dam lakes and the Batova, Osenovska and Suha rivers are a precondition for developmet of sport and fishing tourism.The DistrictVarna Region is located in North-Eastern Bulgaria. It borders the regions of Dobrich, Shumen and Burgas as well as the Black Sea to the east. The region is generally hilly and along the river valleys of Kamchia and Provadiyska, it is plain. The seashore has wide stripes of sand towards which wooded mountain slopes run down in terraces.The coastal line is shaped by the bays of Varna, Kamchia and Sveti Yani as well as the promontories of Galata and Cherni (Black). Interesting places to visit are the dense riparian forests in the river valleys of Kamchia and Batova, Provadia River, the caves near the village of Beloslav, Orlov Kamak Waterfall at Armira River.The unique natural formation of upright stones (Pobitite Kamani) west of Varna occupies an area of 70 sq. m and resembles columns of up to 2 m in diameter driven into earth and rising up from 5 to 7 m from the ground. The area is rich in ground and karst water. There are two firth lakes beside the sea – Varna and Beloslavsko, connected in 1923 by a navigable canal. There is mineral water rich in iodine near Varna and in the valley of Kamchia River. Both industry and agriculture are well developed in Varna Region.The Ruse–Varna railway line, the oldest one in Bulgaria, passes through this area linking the Black Sea and Danube region. The resort complexes of St. Constantine, Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasatzi), Riviera, Sunny Day (Slanchev Den), Kamchia, pearled along the coastal line, are wonderful places for rest. This region also offers conditions for cultural, balneological and eco tourism.The cultural history of the region is millennium old. The oldest vestiges of life – pole dwellings from the chalcolythic and Bronze Age – have been discovered near the Beloslavsko Lake. Dark Hole (Temnata Dupka) Cave on its bank also preserves traces of a prehistoric life. Remains of ancient settlements, structures, necropolises, castles are found at many places in the region.The cultural monuments are evidence of the well-developed civilization in this area. A gold treasure was found in 1972 during archeological excavations of the chalcolythic necropolis at Varna. The treasure dates from 32–30th c. BC and is believed to be the oldest golden works of art. The largest Roman thermal (baths) that have been found so far in Bulgaria are those in Varna. Good evidence of the medieval culture in the region are the gold treasure from the beginning of the 6th c. found in 1961, Aladzha Rock Monastery, etc. Some architectural monuments of the National Revival period are preserved tooThe property is:- 15 miles from the Municipality's centre - the town of Aksakovo;- 21 miles from Varna City and the airport;- 34 miles from the town of Balchik;- 24 miles from the town of Dobrich;- 32 miles from Golden Sands Beach Resort;- 54 miles from the town of Byala (Varna Region);- 90 miles from Ruse city and the border with Romania;- 132 miles from Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria.

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