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The town of Provadia is situated in North-East Bulgaria (Varna District) on the banks of Provadia River in the south end of the gorge of the same name. It is 435 km north-east of Sofia, 55 km south-east of Shoumen, 47 km west of Varna, and 17 km south-west of Devnya. The town is a successor of the Byzantine fortress Provaton (Provat) of 5th century, which in Greek means "sheep". The Bulgarian medieval fortification town on the same place was called Ovech. The remains of these fortresses can be found right above the town in the region of Tashhisar. In different documents the town appeared with the names of Bourfanto and Ovechgrad. Ovech was among the most important metropolitan centres in Bulgaria together with Turnovo, Preslav, Cherven, Drustur (Silistra), and Sredets (Sofia). It was also called Purvada, Pravada but after all the present day name of Provadia was kept which sounds similar to the first Greek name of the settlement. Provadia underwent a brisk development and now it is the west branch of the industrial axis Varna - Devnya - Provadia. It is the Bulgarian saltern. Six kilometres south-east near the railway station of Mirovo is one of the biggest rock salt deposits in the country (about 3900 m deep), which serves for the production of cooking salt.Region: VarnaTown/City: ?gr.ProvadiyaDistance to: Capital city Sofia : 397 km / 246.54 miles Sea capital city Varna : 55 km / 34.16 miles Burgas city : 160 km / 99.36 miles Black sea and sea resorts : 55 km / 34.16 miles The International Airport : 43 km / 26.70 milesCondition: NewStage of construction: Is FinishedStructure: New BrickDocuments: Notary ActWindow frames: PVCDetails: Electricity; Water supply; Fence; Fruit trees;Price: € 36 050.00

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