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  • Costa del Sol
Price £12,000
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Returns from your two agroforestry leases are reinvested over a 10 year period to provide you with between 22 to 29 leases at year 10. Investors then have the option to sell the leases back to the provider for £90,625 or hold on to the land for a projected return of £18,125 from year 11 onwards.

This is an incredible opportunity to maximise the returns from your pension, provide for your children’s future or simply beat the interest rates you are getting from your bank. Investors are protected by the fact the land is held in trust, and returns are linked to rising oil prices. At present the demand for ‘green oil’ outstrips supply.

Our client is a London based PLC founded in 2006 and now has plantations in more than 9 countries and employs approximately 800 people around the world. They have at their disposal 1.2m hectares of plantation in south east Asia and Africa where they work with the local farmers to grow energy crops. The ‘green oil’ they produce represents a renewable, sustainable source of fuel and a genuine alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

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