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  • Fukuoka
Price £15,000
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Property Description


Invest from £15,000 per unit plus Fees and Returns with Yields of approx. 15%

These are Fully Managed and multi purchases can be made and we expect Investors to build there Portfolio when they are comfortable with the process

Low tax Rates, Japanese tenants are some of the best in the world and reports suggest excellent prospects for an upsurge in House prices

So you have good solid Rental income together with potential of Capital Growth and Low entry levels

We have this as a UK Exclusive and should you have any Japanese clients looking to discuss this we have Japanese speaking colleagues who can assist

Buyers fees Apply

The area of Fukuoka is offering some very good returns on low cash investments.
15.01 sqm, Studio unit + kitchen & balcony in Hakata ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
Price – app. (£15900)
Net – app. £203.00 pcm (15.23% net yield p/a)
(Prices are subject to JPY exchange rates on day of transfer, and may change without notice)
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Located in Hakata, Fukuoka city’s heart & business district.
If you like this kind of deal then please read on.
Prices start as low as £15000
Yields from 8 to 16%
Low reservation fees
Fully Managed
Tax Accounting management in place at a low cost
At the moment these are selling very fast, my supplier is in Japan regularly
at his company office sourcing the best deals.
Multiple units can be bought by single investors or funds.
This is very new & very interesting but they sell fast so you need to ask
what is currently available & act quick if you wish to buy.
Japanese tenants must be one of the best in the world!
Taxes in Japan are fairly low, and are composed of –
5% income tax (for incomes under 2 Mil JPY – app. £15800 at the moment),
10% for the next 3 Mil and so forth – you can find several good calculators online).
Property tax is app. 1.5% of the value of the property p/a as estimated by
government agencies every year, based on sales statistics.
For Japanese residents there are further local council taxes,
which foreign investors are exempt from. However, for all tax calculations and
returns we would highly recommend to hire local accounting services
(while there are good English speaking ones, they are mostly very expensive
- we can provide this service as well, at an affordable price, through our contacts,
so customers retain their single point of contact, which is what they normally prefer),
and to concentrate investments in smallish-micro properties (under 200sqm),
as this reduces property tax to 1/3-1/6 the amount,
and a good accountant can also do wonders with depreciation tables
and minimize income tax for a good few years at least. These smaller units we have
identified are much better investments than the full blocks due to Tax implications.
These small units also allow for the highest rental return and Japan’s economy being what it is,
we’d highly recommend sticking this strategy to a greater or lesser degree – see CGT item).

Capital Gains Tax
Capital gains, as a rule, are at best increasing at about 1% a year in Japan as an average,
and in rural areas are actually decreasing, to compensate for the property bubble that burst
there in the early nineties.

While the March 2011 disaster and subsequent nuclear contamination (or the GFC) had little
effect on the areas we sell in, which are on the other side of Japan,
they may change this negative trend in the near future.

Why this area?
I can give you my pet theories (about how we sell in areas that are proving to be the
cleanest in Japan, how throngs of Korean and Chinese investors have been
purchasing there since the disaster, and how I believe this place may have its own
little bubble in the few years to come) – but I won’t, because to be honest,
I think it’ll be irresponsible of me to make these guesses, except to express them as opinions.

Bank Accounts & Insurance
As opening a Japanese bank account is very difficult without residency,
we also provide banking services (all included in our measly monthly fee),
and clients can withdraw their funds at any given time (allowing for international transfer times) –
we would, however, recommend that fund transfers be at a minimum of several thousands
of dollars worth, and that ample warning is given (2-4 weeks),
to allow us to take advantage of profitable exchange rate trends.
Insurance covers all natural and “standard” disasters and is extremely low-cost,
nuclear issues are covered by the government and utility companies.

Closing Costs & Management
Closing costs and management costs (As well as insurance, rent control and body corp fees)
are all included in the cost and income calculations you see on each property.
The total costs to close including our fees, agent fees, stamp duties and notary/scrivener fees are
(worst case and including worst case purchasing tax, payable on the following year)
20% on the original price (already included in what you see in the price).
Ongoing monthly fees differ depending on the building, but are also always included in income
calculations you see, approx 3% per month for management.

On completion you receive a title deed and a receipt from the Government

So here is another example of a regular apartment that we have to offer.
16.80 sqm, Studio unit + kitchen & balcony, in Chuo ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
Price – app. £16100
Net – app. £215.00 /mth (15.80% net yield p/a)
Conveniently located less than ten minutes walk from both Fukuoka city’s
nightlife district and it’s academic campus.
Best available return for this excellent location – do not expect this one to last!
Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
So investing in Japan could not be easier, many have been sold before to international investors.
This is something new to the UK & we have an in house Japanese speaker for any problems plus
the full services of the staff sourcing our properties.
These are cash only deals and open to private investors, companies & funds.
They do sell quickly & the rate of investors re investing is high so if you are serious to buy and
have the cash available please let your agent know so they can forward your details and we can
present the latest properties available.

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