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Property Description

93.300 €

Apartment for Sale in Vlora

About Vlora Oslo Residence:

Playground? ?for children:

? ?Where? ?can you find a better environment? ?other than a place which includes? ?a? ?children's playground for their enjoyment.? ?A? ?lot of thought was put? ?to create? ?the wonderful world of? ?fantasy,? ?imagination,? ?adventure? ?and joy? ?of? ?children,? ?in? ?a space of? ?600? ?sqm,? ?divided? ?into three? ?parts:

Baby's? ?World? (?0-3? ?years?)?.?

A? ?great? ?environment,? ?with? ?an area of? ???300? ?m2,? ?with? ?the best? ?security? ?systems,? ?with? ?appropriate? ?games? ?for? ?young children,? ?with? ?intelligence? ?games? ?and? ?wonderful music? ?in the background.?
? ? ?
With? ?the latest? ?technologies? ?in the market in? ?3D? ?games,? ?where? ?children? ?are? ?part of an? ?imaginary world? ?,? ?where? ?they themselves are? ?heroes? ?and? ?the main? ?protagonists? ?in these? ?games.?
? ?Certainly,? ?the presence? ?of a parent? ?makes? ?this environment? ?even? ?more special,? ?taking part in the event with? ?their children,? ?enjoying? ?healthy? ?foods and beverages? ?in? ?our bar.?
? ?The? ?children are? ?monitored? ?the whole? ?time? ?on big screens,? ?which? ?are positioned? ?in? ?the? ?parents Bar,? ?so that? ?everything? ?goes? ?quiet? ?and without? ?preoccupations.

Party? ?Zone? (?birthdays,? ?Christening,? ?name parties)?:

? ?Your? ?child's? ?birthday? ?becomes? ?even more? ?special? ?is? ?Party? ?Zone,? ?with? ?an area of? ???150? ?m2.? ?If you want? ?an unforgettable day for? ?your? ?child,? ?just? ?let? ?us create? ?a magical atmosphere? ?with? ?the most? ?beautiful? ?music,? ?a? ?spectacular? ?furnishing,? ?clown? ?and many? ?games,? ?dance floor,? ?mini? ?banquet? ?for? ?little? ?guests? ?and? ?endless? ?surprises.

Techno? ?Zone:

? ?Part of this? ?playground? ?is also? ?Techno? ?Zone,? ?a? ?150? ?m2? ?area.? ?Electronic Games? ?of the latest technology? ?for? ?different ages.? ?You need just to? ?select? ?the variety? ?of programs? ?offered? ?and enjoy? ?playing? ?the game? ?that you like most.


? ?In? ?this? ?resort,? ?there is no need to go far? ?to do? ?grocery? ?shopping? ?because? ?Oslo Supermarket helps? ?you? ?with all the? ?necessary products.? ?With? ?an? ?area of? ???250? ?m2,? ?divided into? ?different sectors? ?with? ?a quality service? ?at any? ?moment? ?by? ?a? ?qualified staff offering? ?ontrolled? ?and healthy? ?products.

Bar? ?-? ?Pizza

? ?You? ?start off you day? ?enjoying the morning coffee in? ?our bar,? ?accompanied by? ?various? ?cakes.? The afternoon? ?becomes even more? ?pleasant? ?in the company of? ?family? ?or? ?your? ?beloved persons,? ?enjoying? ?a? ?drink? ?with them? ?taking? ?fresh? ?air? ?and enjoying the? ?sunset.?
? ?Dinner? ?with friends? ?or? ?with? ?your family,? ?at? ?our? ?bar? ?-? ?pizza? ?becomes even more? ?special? ?with? ?food? ?variety? ?of? ?different? ?specialties? ?that? ?we? ?offer.? ?You need just to? ?choose? ?the? ?food? ?or? ?drink? ?that? ?you? ?want and? ?we? ?will? ?make that your favorite.

? ? ?

For? ?all? ?of? ?those who spend? ?a? ?part? ?of their day? ?taking care of their bodies,? ?we are making available? ?a? ?gym,? ?which? ?contains? ?all? ?the fitness? ?equipment? ?for men? ?and women.? ? High quality equipments,? ?for? ?a? ?quick result.? ?Aerobi,? ?Gymnastic? ?exercises? ?and? ?calculated? ?exercises? ?for? ?a body? ?in shape.

? ? ?

Aside from? ?underground parking? ?place,? ?you have? ?120? ?overhead Parking,? ?safe and? ?surveyed? ?24? ?hours by? ?security cameras,? ?to park? ?your car? ?in? ?order to be? ?as? ?safe? ?and as close to? ?you.

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