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  • Rio Grande de Norte
Price £18,306
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Property Description

With a population now exceeding 200 million, Brazil needs more houses! Lower-income families are facing a housing deficit of 8 million homes, set to grow to over 12 million by 2023

We are helping to solve their problem.

Why Invest In Brazil ?
Brazil is booming. The country has a strong economy and stable financial and political systems. As a result, Brazil has attracted a great deal of attention from international investors. This is because in this area of such obvious growth and potential, property investors are confident they will experience substantial financial gains. Residential tourist property in Brazil is still popular with investors. However, those seeking a beautiful holiday home with rental income potential know that the international downturn has had an impact on this market. Investors buying beach-style condo resorts therefore need to view this as a medium to long term investment. To succeed in this market, potential buyers need to secure good value plots of land within prime locations, with a view to building holiday villas or selling the land on, at a profit, when global demand recovers. On the other hand, actual domestic demand is dominant and has a positive outlook for the foreseeable future. Investing in 'first home' residential housing developments in Brazil is a safe and very profitable strategy. It has high returns and of course local demand is also very high !
Local real estate prices of this type are currently increasing by around 20% per year. Investing therefore provides a good prospect of providing solid returns with a clear 'exit strategy'.
Brazilian property is highly recommended to be held as part of a diverse property portfolio. Prices from £23.000 one year return at 15%

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